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I was at safeway last night at around 10:55 i seen they had buy one get one free on soda pop, so i grabbed two and some chips and dip.At the check out the lady rosean (rose ane) i think, an older im guessing hispanic women the only person on till.

scaned the items and took my club card number i seen the pop wasnt buy one get one free, so i asked her about it, told her all the pop said buy one get one free. She told me that starts tomorrow. (at this point i was only bumed i didnt have enough for two pops) i said well that's pretty *** and false advertizing i thought the customer was always right. (the fyler also said buy one get on free but w/e not the point) then i told her i only wanted the one pop.

she rudely told me " well you should learn how to read better." i was pissed and felt very *** because my whole life ive had troubles in my reading and writing(i have a learning disablity). i was shook up i said im going to write a letter. she said go ahead and smiled (like she knew nothing was going to happen) (then somthing snapped) with my voice rasied but not shouting and in a rude manor(i know now i probley should have been nicer its not an easy job) "its very *** ignorant and rude to tell people they need to read better, its not you're job." she then stated that i was being rude first witch IMO i did nothing to deserve the aditude or remarks i snatched my recipt and stromed out. this is the fourth time ive been miss treated at this location and its going to be the last i never want to go back.

but somtime today i should talk to the manjor. ill add the cashire didnt greet me and looked and always looks miserable. but not my problem do you're job right. ill add the first time i was mistreated was by a woman, she told me i shoul'dnt smoke it's disgusting and looked at me in disgust.

it made me feel terrible for choices ive made in my life, and myself. the second time was a man said to me 19 and already smoking up a storm (or somting im that lines) legal age here is 19 but where i come from is 18 so ive already been adicted from starting at a young age. the thrid was i went to get a pack of smokes and the cashire took my id to customer servise where a smokes are stored and was showing it to her co-worker and the were talking about me i know but im not sure what was said then they started to laugh, she grabed my smokes and brought them to the till she then said to me "sorry you look like you're 14" with a full line behind me it was embarasing and made me feel self consouse about my looks. this store and it employees have made me feel terrible about my self caused me a great amount of mental stress and lowerd my self value, in the past 2 months.

No one should ever have to suffer this much just to go and pickup gorcerys, im always nice to the employees besides last night. should i sue? i probley cant but i do have a learning disablity and that was like a kick to the teeth. i really wish someone reads this i feel as if my story shoul'dnt go unheard.

what should i do about this? I dont think i will ever beable to shop at safeway again i keep being put down for things that are out of my control.

its like saying to the guy in the wheel chain why cant you walk.imsure he would be sad, angry and depressed just as i am.


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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1194735

Nobody made fun of you.Sue?

For what? For someone making you feel bad?

I shouldn't be the one to say this, but grow up, and quit blaming others for your problems.

We ALL have bad days, we ALL go through ***.Please.

Kingman, Arizona, United States #997287

You need help man. If some minimum wage cashier jockey makes you feel bad you need some therapy.


you should go there and shoot everyone.

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada #935807

Are you kidding me with this post? This site is for people who have legitimate complaints, not for self serving, whiny people to come & go off on some weird rambling rant. You sir are an ***.

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada #924083

You are terrible.She explained that the sale starts tomorrow and you swear at her.

As soon as I read that, I was immediately on the cashiers side, as you are the one who was abusive. You wonder why cashiers treat you poorly???? Maybe because you swear at them (not acceptable) and claim false advertising (which it's not)! It sounds like you were trying to get something for free and became terrible and abusive when you didn't get your way.

Also smoking and "being addicted at a young age" is your own fault and your own problem. Comparing yourself to that of someone in a wheelchair is horrible and not even remotely the same. You my friend are not in a wheelchair and you can read/write well enough to write this complaint, so clearly you just didn't read the sign. It sounds like she did nothing wrong yet you decided to abuse this cashier and swear at her several times.

Cashiers do it get paid enough to deal with trashy people such as yourself!!!!!God get some perspective and start taking responsibility for your own actions!!!

to Sarnes #1008885

Actually, if the sign is up in the store even the night before they have to honour it.consumer law.

Cashier should have taken care of it before he even had a chance to give her lip.That's how customer service is supposed prevent problems before they escalate.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada #905753

Report it to the head office in Scottsdale, Arizona @ 1-877-723-3929


i stopped reading this when the writer went off in a weird direction, rambling on about smoking.WTF??

Regarding the cashier, she should not have told you to learn to read better. That was rude. BUT, your idea the customer is always right is insane. Who told you that?

And why would you believe them? When in your life are you or anyone else "always right"? That makes zero sense. If the customer is always right, then people could decline to pay for groceries or demand outrageous discounts.

If the customer is always right, does that mean next time I go shopping I can smack the cashier and then urinate on the floor on my way out?I mean I could, right, because I'm a customer and the customer is always right!

to Anonymous #979337

Lol, sure you can urinate in the floor!


seems like you have self esteem issues and might be a little self confidence, stop taking taking things so personal because the world isnt kind some of the times and you just have to deal with it, smile and move on. you can not control other people, just yourself, so be positive, and roll with the punches because no one is perfect and everyone has bad days, as we are all human...only YOU can let someone else make you feel bad and that is a choice, dont let anyone have that kind of power over you, just smile and tell them to have a great night and walk away knowning you were the bigger person.

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