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Went to deli ordered four different kinds of meat pepperoni, wine salami and corned beef and old fashioned ham. As she was cutting I was browsing then noticed when she put each new meat up, there was no plastic sheet between each new cut.

Didn't notice how contaminated the machine was. The machine was filthy from the days meat products. There was shards of meat still laying on maching from throughout the day.

I went to another deli employee asked if this was comommon practice for hygeine and he said no this wasn't and at that point the one who was cutting the meat asked my why I did didn't tell her to put sheets each time she cut. Another employee from the opposite side of the deli asked me to tell the manager because she has already been repremandid about not following proper hygeine practices.

At this point I was so disgusted I just left the store.

All I can say is you know as well as I do about Ecoli, Listeriosis and other bacterial diseases, baest case senerio it makes people very sick worst cases can kill.

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Safeway has a very extensive food safety rule book....its just your Safeway you shop at. Our slicers at my Safeway deli are cleaned minimum of every four hours, more when needed!

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