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I’ve been going to Safeway’s Pharmacy for over 20 years. Today I went to get my monthly B12 shot.

I was told the wait was 1/2 hour as the girl had 10 minutes left on her lunch. I sat and waited and waited and waited. After one hour and 15 minutes I went back to the drop off and asked how much longer was the wait. She said I should go wait in the line which was now about 7 deep.another girl called me to the front and said I could pick up my prescription.

She had seen me waiting there for over an hour and said, “oh there must ha e been a mix up”. Then the pharmacist that was supposed to give me the shot came out of her office with a form to fill out. She then said she thought I’d left and I told her I’d been sitting outside her office for over an hour which she would have known if she had even poked her head out. She said I should have stood in line or made an appointment and that I’d never had this shot done there as I didn’t know the protocol.

I said I’ve had it many times and the protocol is that you tell them you’re there, they process your order, you wait, they call you when it’s ready, you pay for it and a pharmacist comes to get you. Apparently I was in the wrong, I wasn’t apologized to but told I should wait in line or make an appointment. Then I was placated like a 2 year old and told I had a good muscle for shots. She told me they would hold my vials there for my next shot and I said no, I’m taking them with me and I’m not coming back.

Good job Safeway’s, I’ll make sure that I let everyone know that when you’re at fault your response is to turn it back on the customer. You just lost over 25 years of loyal service.

Muff-Anne, Spruce Grove Pharmacy, Alberta, 780-963-0711

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