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Iam a 49 yearold male, I left the Skytrain at New Westminster Station, and went to the Safeway at - #220, 800 Carnarvon St

New Westminster, BC, I started shopping, I needed to pee, I noticed an "out of order" sign on the customer washroom. It is always closed after 8pm, just like their bottle return program, due to New Wests, I quote Safeway Manager, Gagan B., "the bathroom is covered with *** and it's not my job to clean it," and "we do not allow bottle returns after 8pm due to the homeless." Homeless, You piker, have as much entitlement to a bottle return as the Queen herself!

Having to pee , I was upset and wanted relief, but Gagagain B denied my the staff washroom. We're talking number 2 and I promised to be so careful! My protests angered another patron who though that I might be acting unresonablely. He chose the healthier approach and shut up.

He didn't need to pee as badly as me. Mr. Manager Gagan B. instructed me that though I could shop there the WC was closed to customers.

I shop(ed) at Safeway - #220, 800 Carnarvon St

New Westminster, BC every day for 30 years, my Irish immigrant Grandfather slaved there for 25 years, never denying a customer bathroom access.

IGA, Save-On, my patronage is yours - nice facilities. :-)

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #1195754

Legend has it that this man still hasn't urinated to this day.


You, 49yo male, sound like a ***. I've had nothing but great service at this location, very professional...been shopping there since it opened.

You haven't shopped at this location for 30 years, because it hasn't been there for 30 years.

(making you a liar) If I were the staff there, I wouldn't let you use the staff facilities either (they are for the staff). If the bathroom is out of order, go somewhere home!


You sound fat.


Hello my name ish #AmyOnUs


anywhere but safeway!


No bathroom at home?

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