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I am writing this complaint about Josh, one of the employees at this Safeway Canada location (Kensington Square). He is a PREDATOR and all women need to be aware of his recent admitted conduct.

This has been my go-to Safeway for years and I've had no issue with this store or the staff here previously. However, that all changed on October 13th, 2017. I was in the middle of grocery shopping when I approached by the employee, Josh, who decided it would be a good idea to tell me what he called "inappropriate dad jokes." I was clearly in a rush to get my shopping done, but that did not matter. Josh stopped me from going down the aisle I was in and proceeded to tell the "jokes" anyway.

What followed was abhorrent. All of the jokes referenced sex and sexual acts, as well as male/female genitalia, which was not only inappropriate and unprofessional on the part of the employee, but was, in my opinion, sexual harassment, as this kind of interaction was NOT one I asked for. I brought the matter to Safeway's attention immediately, and within a few days received an e-mail back from the store manager, Rick Macleod, stating that the Human Resource department had completed an investigation into the matter. They advised me that Josh ADMITTED to his inappropriate conduct and that "corrective action" had been taken against him.

As I had a few other questions relating to the incident, I contacted Safeway's customer service line asking whether this employee (Josh) was still with the company and what the "corrective action" was that had been taken against him. I received a phone call later that evening from Ray Mattinson, the store's District Operator. Unfortunately I missed his call, but he left me a voice mail stating that he would be able to answer all of my questions and put my concerns to rest. However, when I spoke to Mr.

Mattinson the following day, he did no such thing. Instead, he told me he couldn't tell me anything. As I've since come to learn on my own, Josh is still employed at this Safeway location and it appears that no "corrective action" was taken against him. As a result of Josh's admitted misconduct/sexual harassment, Safeway Canada offered me a $250 gift card.

I accepted this gift card - however, I feel as though there is much more they can and SHOULD be doing as a result of what happened, which is why I have filed a complaint against Safeway Canada and Josh for sexual harassment with the BC Human Rights Tribunal. In addition, I also intend on filing a Civil suit against Josh, and am also considering involving the RCMP to seek a Restraining Order/Peace Bond against him in effort to avoid further unwanted contact with him. Josh has been known to be extra talkative and "chummy" with customers, which is something Safeway Canada needs to pay close attention to.

It's fine to be friendly - but to reference sex and make "jokes" about sex or reproductive body parts is beyond inappropriate. Unfortunately for Josh and Safeway Canada, those jokes were told to the wrong person - me - and I intend on ensuring both he and Safeway Canada are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, and I will not rest until justice is served.

Reason of review: Sexual.

Preferred solution: Civil Lawsuit and Human Rights Tribunal Claim.

I didn't like: Inappropriate behaviour, Sexual harassment, Rude and ignorant behavior, Failure to rectify.

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Between all the poor hate and lying customer service staff in the Burnaby store on hastings I predict they will run into serious problems soon enough.


I worked security detail and the things I encountered would make this woman lose her marbles. Some people have NOTHING going on in their lives and when they get a slightly negative interaction they need to revel in it and get as much attention as they can.

It seems by your post you actually are grateful this happened, you got attention and now you want more. Look at me world look at me. Ive had a similar experience myself but never would even THINK about making it a big issue, you just wanted the free gift card.

Lastly, good luck in the real world if this upsets you wait till you actually see what the world is like. Worthless subhuman crybaby.


Sexual Harassment? That’s a stretch.

I understand feeling grossed out by the unwanted jokes...

but if it happened one time, and one time only, that is NOT harassment. Since you’ve accepted the $250, I’d cut your losses and choose another store to do your shopping at.


I've had run ins with this employee myself. Weird guy. Best thing you can do is avoid him and don't engage with him.


Actually Safeway can't tell you anything because he has rights too. I'm sorry that you had this experience, but ruining his life isn't going to make it better.

He actually is a well meaning, and nice person although doesn't always understand boundaries.

This comment, honestly makes you sound crazy. It's one thing to need to be heard, and another thing to unnecessarily destroy someone's life.

to Anonymous #1590173

Agreed. Making a mountain out of a mole hill.


Good for you for accepting a gift card. Which sure didn't "help you rest until justice is served" but a full belly shop might, thanks to Safeway.

You sure showed them..... How rediculous this is.

Your ambition should be guided towards greater things. Why not try to takle word hunger?


Nicest guy on the planet. You should really get over yourself and make yourself useful for a greater cause....

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