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It always does amaze me to go to Safeway on Monday and buy a pack of chicken for $23. And then go on Thursday and pay $37.

Chicken does not cost more in 2 days. It is absolutely ripping off the consumer. Most recently they took Safeway pop and would sell singles for $0.34 a piece and now they are selling it for $0.87 a piece overnight.. that is more than a 50% increase that is a hundred percent increase.

That is absolutely ridiculous. Between the cost of meat and produce.

We are a family of 7 we used to Faithfully shop there 4 days a week. We now shop there one if Safeway is lucky for our business

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Did you compare the weight of the chicken package ? Same, higher, less ?

Forget about drinking cheap pop - it's only good for taking paint off of brushes. And it's all ruinous to your health.

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